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How to Apply

If you are a current high school student looking to apply to the CSB program, this guide is purposed to help you through the CSB application process. For more information, see the Lehigh Undergraduate Admissions website or contact Gregory Cheng at gtc220@lehigh.edu.

Common Application

Lehigh currently operates under the Common Application. In order to apply to CSB, find Lehigh University as you would any other college or university on the Common App. Under the “Academics” section, you will find these options:

In order to select CSB as your intended program, select the options shown above. This will show that you prefer admittance into CSB over the three traditional colleges at Lehigh.

Selecting your second choice

During Lehigh’s decision process, you will receive this email:

If you are not admitted into the CSB program, you will be given the option to select one of the traditional three colleges to be considered for. This makes CSB a no-risk proposition: if you are not admitted into the CSB program, your admission to Lehigh is not hindered.