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Required Courses

The required courses for the CSB degree constitute the fundamentals of structured programming, discrete mathematics, algorithms, computer architecture, programming languages, software engineering, accounting, finance, marketing, management, and economics. None of the program requirements for the CSB major may be taken pass/fail.

The requirements are stated below. To view a number of suggested sequences of courses for satisfying these requirements see Suggested Sequences of Courses below.

For a visual representation of your progress, see the CSB Flowchart

Required Computer Science courses  
CSE 001 Breadth of Computing 2
    or CSE 012 Survery of Computer Science  
CSE 002 Fundamentals of Programming 2
CSE 017 Programming and Data Structures 3
CSE 109 Systems Software 4
CSE 202 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
CSE 216 Software Engineering 3
CSE 241 Database Systems and Applications 3
or CSE 341 Database Systems, Algorithms, and Applications
CSE 261 Discrete Structures 3
CSE 262 Programming Languages 3
CSE 303 Operating System Design 3
CSE 340 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
One 300-level course 2 3-4
Required Business courses  
BUS 001 Introduction to Business in a Global Environment 3
ACCT 151 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
ACCT 152 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3
ECO 001 Principles of Economics 4
ECO 029 Money, Banking, and Financial Markets 3
ECO 146 Applied Microeconomic Analysis 3
FIN 125 Introduction to Finance 3
LAW 201 Legal Environment of Business 3
SCM 186 Supply Chain Operations Management 3
MKT 111 Principles of Marketing 3
MGT 301 Strategic Management in a Global Environment 3
Required Math and Science courses  
MATH 021 Calculus I 4
    or MATH 075 and MATH 076 Calculus I Part A and Calculus I Part B  
MATH 022 Calculus II 4
MATH 205 Linear Methods 3
MATH 231 Probability and Statistics 3
or ECO 045 Statistical Methods
Natural science courses 1 12
Required CSB courses  
CSB 311 Computer Applications in Business 3
CSB 312 Design of Integrated Business Applications I 3
CSB 313 Design of Integrated Business Applications II 3
Required CSB electives  
Courses approved by the student's advisor. 9
Humanities and Social Science requirements  
ENGL 001 Composition and Literature 3 3
ENGL 002 Composition and Literature II 4 3
CSE 252 Computers, the Internet, and Society 3
Humanities (HU) electives 6
Social Sciences (SS) electives 3
Free electives 4-5
Total Credits 135-137

Such that one course has an attached laboratory and such that two courses are in a laboratory science with the first course a prerequisite to the second course. Note that there are some NS courses that, though in a laboratory science, do not include a laboratory; instead the "attached lab" has a separate course number. See Suggested Sequences of Natural Science Courses.


Computer Science & Business Electives approved list.

3 International students may be placed in ENGL 3 instead of ENGL 1.
4 ENGL 11 may be used in place of ENGL 2 by students who have AP credit for ENGL 1.