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When courses are offered

To facilitate planning, we indicate when we plan to offer each course (F = Every Fall Semester, S = Every Spring Semester, I = at least once every two years, NC = not currently offered).  Except where noted, each course has 3 credit hours.  Below the first list is a second list indicating the prerequisites of CSE courses and of math and science courses required in the various CSE curricula.

CSE 001 Breadth of Computing (2 credits) (F)

CSE 002 Fundamentals of Programming (2 credits) (FS)

CSE 012 Survey of Computer Science (S)

CSE 017 Programming and Data Structures (FS)

CSE 042 Principles of Computer Game Design (I)

CSE 109 Systems Software (4 credits) (FS)

CSE 130 Technical Presentation (1 credit) (F)

CSE 140 Foundations of Discrete Structures and Algorithms (S)

CSE 202 Computer Orgranization and Architecture (S)

CSE 216 Software Engineering (FS)

CSE 241 Database Systems and Applications(S)

CSE 252 Computers, the Internet, and Society (FS)

CSE 262 Programming Languages (F)

CSE 264 Web Applications (FS)

CSE 265 System and Network Administration (I)

CSE 271 Programming in C and the Unix Environment (I)

CSE 302 Compiler Design (NC)

CSE 303 Operating Systems (F)

CSE 307 Structural Bioinformatics (F)

CSE 308 Bioinformatics  (S)

CSE 313 Computer Graphics  (F)

CSE 318 Introduction to the Theory of Computation (S)

CSE 319 Image Analysis and Graphics (I)

CSE 320 Biomedical Image Computing and Modeling (I)

CSE 326 Pattern Recognition (I)

CSE 327 Artificial Intelligence Theory and Practice (S)

CSE 331 User Interface Systems and Techniques (I)

CSE 332 Multimedia Design and Development (NC)

CSE 334 Software System Security (I)

CSE 335 Topics on Intelligent Decision Support System (I)

CSE 336 Embedded Systems  (F)

CSE 337 Reinforcement Learning (NC)

CSE 340 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (F)

CSE 341 Database Systems, Algorithms and Applications (NC)

CSE 342 Fundamentals of Internetworking  (F)

CSE 343 Network Security (I)

CSE 345 WWW Search Engines  (I)

CSE 347 Data Mining  (I)

CSE 348 AI Game Programming (I)

CSE 352 Information Technology for Commerce (NC)

CSE 360 Introduction to Mobile Robotics (I)

CSE 363 Network Systems  (I)

CSE 375 Principles and Practice of Parallel Computing (I)

CSE 379 Senior Project (F)


Prerequisite structure of the CSE courses and requried math and science courses.  For each course, we indicate the direct prerequisites (and the indirect prerquisites, i.e., prerequisites of prerequisites). Any CSE course omitted from the list has no prerequisite.  Also, see the corresponding diagram.