The Computer Science and Business Honors Program (CSB) at Lehigh University is a joint initiative between the College of Business and the Computer Science and Engineering department in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. Faculty advisors from both colleges are assigned to students enrolled in the CSB program.  Students who complete this demanding program are awarded a unique joint degree that comes from both colleges.  Graduates are equipped with the high-tech and business skills that are crucial at this time where the boundaries between the two fields are becoming increasingly blurred.

Lehigh’s CSB honors program offers these key advantages:

  • Depth in curriculum: This program is the only one of its kind that is accredited in both computer science and business. Students are given the opportunity to obtain the skills and training needed to understand business functions and business-related problems, to analyze business-user information needs, to design computer-based information systems and the implementation of systems solutions in business organizations.
  • Balance: The CSB program has a set of required core courses in order to obtain a business degree, and all the courses required for a B.S. in computer science.  Students have the option of selecting a concentration in any of several areas, such as accounting, finance, economics, and various areas of computer science.
  • Meeting market demand: CSB graduates have been actively recruited from several companies.

Topics covered by required courses are structured programming, algorithms, operating systems, programming languages, computer architectures, software engineering, accounting, networking, marketing, finance, economics, and management.

Students completing the CSB honors program are prepared to join large and small consulting firms and start-up companies, and are prepared to advance to senior management positions.

Congratulations to CSB student William Peracchio for being named as one of the 2022 Schwarzman Scholars.

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