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How many students are in the program?

There are approximately 220-240 students currently in the program. The exact number varies due to transfers in and out of the program. Recently, Lehigh Admissions set a cap of ~40 students admitted into CSB per academic year.


If I am not admitted into CSB, am I not admitted into Lehigh?

Given the nature of CSB as a selective program, you will be asked to pick a second choice major in either the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering & Applied Sciences or the College of Business. If you are not admitted into the CSB program, you will be considered for general admission to whichever college you selected (so there's no harm in applying for CSB!). CSB is very welcoming of transfer students, and if you intend to transfer into CSB, email Andrea Goff ( for schedule help and we'll even assign you a mentor!


If I am not admitted into CSB directly, can I transfer into CSB at any point?

As of Nov. 2, 2022, the CSB program has shifted to an annual application-based process for transferring. Students applying to join must demonstrate a cumulative 3.25 GPA, and must earn a B- or better in ECO 001 AND CSE 007 AND (MATH 021 OR MATH 031 OR MATH 076) and have satisfied all requirements to change their curriculum at Lehigh by the end of the Spring term in which they applying: 

Applications are due between Jan. 1 and May 15. Applications will be reviewed and considered at the end of May (once Spring grades are posted) and are dependent on space available in the program. Scheduled or anticipated Summer or Fall coursework cannot be used to satisfy these requirements. Due to impacts on graduation timeline, applications to join CSB are not recommended beyond a student's second year of study at Lehigh.

For additional information, please schedule an appointment with CSB Academic Advisor, Andrea Goff, (


How many credits is the CSB program?

The dually accredited Computer Science & Business degree requires a total of 136 credits.


How many credits will a CSB student have to take per semester on average?

17 credits * 8 semesters is the 136 needed to graduate, so about 17 credits per semester. This drops slightly if the student came in with AP credit. Also, if you do the Lehigh In Prague program, you receive 6 credits over the summer, which can drop the amount per semester as well.


How many classes per semester does a CSB student usually take?

Taking as little as 4 classes per semester is rare. 5 or 6 classes is the usual amount for a CSB student.


Am I able to graduate in 4 years without any transfer/AP Credit?

Yes, the program is designed so you are able to graduate within 4 years without ANY AP or transfer credit.


Do I need any previous programming experience to participate in the program?

No prior programming experience is assumed before arriving at Lehigh. However, if you want to attempt to pass out of the first semester CS classes, having background experience in Java up to multidimensional arrays will help.


What are examples of student capstone projects?

One group worked with Caring for Cambodia, a non-profit that builds schools in Cambodia. They created an attendance application as well as a module in their internal system to keep track of student attendance in their Food for Thought program which provides meals to the children. This enabled CFC to analyze the success of the program and correlate proper student nourishment with academic success.

Another group worked with a local restaurant to create a rewards application.


How easy is to study abroad as a CSB student?

Fortunately for CSB students, the Lehigh in Prague summer program conveniently fits CSB students' needs. It offers a required course in Prague over the summer (usually after a student's sophomore year), as well as a three-credit internship which counts as a professional elective.  This would not only give tremendous professional and international experience but also free up some space in a busy fall/spring semester schedule. Of course, it's still very possible to complete a CSB degree in four years without going abroad for part of a summer, but it does help get six credits out of the way.  There are also numerous other possibilities to go abroad over the summer or even during the school year, depending on the number of credits completed, remaining, and that will be able to transfer over and count for the CSB degree.


Do you have time to participate in extra-curricular activities outside of your general coursework?

Although the program is difficult, CSB students are usually found to be some of the most involved students on campus. Through the CSB student association (CSBA), students will find the resources and opportunities they need to feel well prepared for coursework and save time for extracurricular activities.


What type of academic support is offered for students in the program?

All CSB students are paired with an upperclass mentor who they can go to for academic advice, whether it be professors, books, classes, or other resources. The CSB Student Association also holds bi-weekly study sessions where students come together and study for various classes. At the study sessions, there are many upperclass students who are available to help other CSB students. CSB students also have access to all other resources Lehigh students are offered, such as free tutoring, academic advising, and office hours with the professor or teaching assistant.


How would I go about going through this program and getting my CPA?

To complete the CSB program and be on track to get your CPA, you will want to take Accounting as a second degree. In sum, this will be a B.S. in CSB and a B.S. in CBE (with a major in Accounting) and total 154 credits. You will be able to use your CSB free and professional electives to take the 33 credits in Accounting courses you need to sit for the CPA exam. With both degrees, you will also be past the CPA exams 150 credit requirement. As a note, this will be difficult to do within 4 years unless you come in with AP credit or take courses over the Summer semester.

Note: While a degree in Accounting is not required to take the CPA Exam, it would make the most sense to do so given that you only need to take 4 extra credits after meeting the 150 credit CPA Exam requirement to achieve your B.S.

For any other questions or clarification on these questions, please refer to the "Contact" page.